West London Newbie




Hope to see you on the road - watch the Rideout section of the Forum as we get to March and you’ll see a lot of rideout invites. 

I got my licence a little older than you, and also with no experience or motorcycle buddies. I agree that the ER6 is a good choice, but not for the same reason as others. I think it’s good because you feel good riding it. I know some people who are on 500’s and some in litre bikes, a week after the licence. Both can kill you if you ride dumb; both are ok if you ride smart. I went for a z750s, sold it in a week, bought a Blackbird. Then a Fireblade. Always worked for me. But I spent a lot of time, and some money on training, to figure out how to ride the bikes I had. Just respect the machine, and the road, and you should be ok. 

my 2p


Kwaks are okay but it’s gotta be Honda! Surely?