west london boy newbi

hiya all, iam a newbie from greenford. got a mere honda 125 scooter but now i’ve passed the full test, i need someink a bit more bigger. Wanna go to Scotland and camp out away from the family…everyone needs their space, right. I like the website and interesting info. i’m a bit surprised that not too many bikes go up for sale though. anyway, happy new year to u all

Happy new year too, and welcome to LB…

What ‘bigger’ bike you got in mind?


Hi from another recent member and fellow (big) scooter rider.

a cbf 600 or honda hornet. the cbf is cheap on insurance. i like the faired models. To be honest i’m not an expert, and don’t want to scare the neighbours too much

Welcome matey my other half has an er6 good starter bike ! were in hillingdon .!


Hey indieboy, welcome to LB!

Welcome to LB

Welcome aboard

Hi and welcome aboard.

Sod what the neighbours think, buy what you like.

welcome to lb

Happy new year! Welcome to the site - doesn’t matter what you ride here, we even have scooter riders ! :slight_smile: [ducks and runs for cover]

the above remark about the er6 f is meant for this thread…doh…i’m suing homer simpson for the computer lessons he gave me…sos about that… and about the hornet, next time…hopefully…i respect:the hornet…