Went to Scotland and took some pictures

Just returned from a 6 days and 1909 miles trip London to Scotland (John O Groats), NC500 completed as well…just when I thought that Morocco was good I got to ride to the highlands. Anyway here is a mini report and some shots.

Things I learned:

4 seasons can happen in a day, have decent gear, if you get soaked, it’s all about keeping the body heat inside your riding gear. Cover yourself in waterproofs and you will equally cook and get soaked on your sweat.

Single lane tracks can be very dangerous, oncoming cars won’t judge your speed in time, blind corners, blind summits… I nearly got smashed by a truck and a car, wheels skidding and shit… proper brown pants moment.

Eyes on the road! The scenery is just so stunning that you will be likely forgetting about that next sharp corner, potential brown pant moment.

Road kill! the roads are littered with it, not much problem with mixed use tires, but sportier tires can easily slide and crash. 

A fully loaded Vstrom will partially take off on a sharp bump/blind summit at 60mph, I don’t want to imagine lighter and faster bikes…

Country side YHA or SHA hostels (which are awesome) are not the same as backpackers hostels on Inverness… book ahead if you plan to stay on a big city and avoid hostels. 

If you have limited time avoid the north east coast it’s dull (perfect for sports bikes though… very well maintained roads)

If you see a car with an Arnold Clark sticker, it’s a rental, keep your distance, they will make sudden stops, you can’t blame them, the scenery it’s just so great.

Applecross pass is absolutely worth it, specially when the way up is raining and foggy and on the other side it’ s sunny and glorious, I think I cried a bit…

Although the sea it’s all around the route, and there is cattle on every hill, gastronomy is very very disappointing. Fish and chips, haggies and standard pub crap is all you will find along the route (think small town). I did struggle to find good seafood restaurants or places where they could cook proper lamb or beef.  If you want to eat proper, you will need a big city.

To attempt to camp end of September is VERY optimistic. Don’t pack camping gear unless you go during the summer, country side hostels and B&Bs will do (careful on weekends, they will be full).
I was lucky  enough to camp on a day when the weather was perfect!

I think riding start of autumn is a unique experience, colours are amazing and there is less traffic. I can imagine summer being a bit crowded. Don’t be putt of by the weather.

Don’t forget your camera!!


Those single track roads can be scary enough in a car. I know friends who have moved to the Isle of Lewis and they tell of a local drinking game where a group gets together, drives to the first overtaking place, pulls in and has a drink, repeat until no one is capable of driving. 

Looks stunning WildBoy, nice one. Thanks for the tips and for sharing.

Claire and I would love to do a Scottish road-trip sometime in the next few years. We’ve talked about it whilst up there on foot earlier this year.

loving the view from the tent. well done chap!

WildBoy - Terrific photos. I especially like the one of the tuskless woolly mammoth, or yak or whatever it is.

Cool pix, I found a couple of good seafood places when I was up there last year. But as you say it’s very remote in places and you’ll have to make do with what you find.
If you can be flexible in where you stay it’s great but there isn’t loads of accommodation to choose from so booking a few days ahead is wise.

Nice, spent 5 days there two weeks ago…it stopped raining once I think :frowning:

Indeed the Applecross pass is amazing but so it most of the northern western route up to Cape Wraith/Durness through the Highlands and then back accros country to Inverness. 

The main question is - did you get a travel pussy for £4?

The main question is - did you get a travel pussy for £4?
I wanna know where you pour the McCondom

The main question is - did you get a travel pussy for £4?
I saw this at the end of my trip... if only would've seen it at the beginning.

The main question is - did you get a travel pussy for £4? Cypher
I saw this at the end of my trip... if only would've seen it at the beginning.
Speaking from experience, it's useful in any life situation, not just during a trip.