Wembley Motorcycles

So I found a few old posts on this topic, the most relevant to this post being https://londonbikers.com/forums/posts/446232/wembley but I still have some questions, and I’m querying whether there are any updates

I see Wembley offers motorbike parking (for £5), has anybody used this lately, if so is it any good (safe, anywhere to put helmet,…)?

The general consensus on the older posts is park in Ace and walk. I’ve got no problems doing this in principle. However; I’ve never been to Ace Cafe (despite having been studying in london for the last three years) so I don’t think I know anyone there enough to just leave my bike there without asking first - or would they just be okay with it? Is there any helmet storage there? I would be using it on a weekday evening. I see that Ace is open till 11pm so that would work from that angle.

Because Wembley doesn’t permit motorcycle helmets, my main concern here is where do I put it?

Thanks in advance 

P.S. Hi, I’m new 

I think you’ll find The Ace Cafe car park is for customers only and only so long as they remain on site :wink:

Some inter webby sites you may find helpful



Get yourself a top box for the helmet as recently discussed here https://londonbikers.com/forums/posts/1105851/top-boxes

But, to answer it more pragmatically, you’re quite likely to be able to park for a little while without attracting any attention, but there’s nowhere safe to store a helmet and if you’re there all day someone might notice. I don’t think there’s any enforcement or anything and it’s rarely busy enough that a bike in a corner somewhere is likely to be problematic. 

It’s safe in the sense that it’s mostly other motorcyclists there, but on the other hand the local pikeys love it too and they know there’ll be nice bikes there; it’s not unknown for bikes to get stolen from the ace but it is rare. 

Personally, I’d stump up the fiver for the stadium’s parking (I assume that’s where you’re going) just for the ease and to avoid the walk…

Thanks, yeah I was hesitant about just parking at the Ace as I felt like it might be taking the piss especially as I’ve never been there

I realise the bays round the stadium are free for bikes, but wary of damage (football match, you know the deal)

I think I’ll stump up for the £5. I know it’s vain but I just don’t want a top box spoiling the look of my bike (it’s only an SV but I quite like the way it looks, ridiculous reason I know)

The red parking has a hike bay with place to lock a chain to, it’s free on non match days, not sure about match days.

i’d park at the ace.  walk in, introduce yourself or even better, talk to one of the chaps in charge of the parking lot.  they would probably let you leave your lid there too, or chain it to the bike.

i cant see any reason why they should say no.  its safer there than anywhere else and they never run out of space (except friday nights)

Nothing wrong with the look of top boxes, I love 'em. My latest top box had the 250 attached to it so that turned out to be an unexpected bonus.