Well valentines day is saturday so

Well I fancy meeting up for a drink on saturday somewhere central ish…

Anyone else fancy it?

if the weather is gud enuf why not:D

not spending it with ya be loved then ???:hehe:

dan who u askin? me aint got no1 to spend it wiv:D

Pubs have insides to protect you from the weather

lool should off quoted:hehe: was talking to katana lool:P

katana yeah thats fine but i assume the city central will be quite crowded wiv couples snoggin and takin pics and meals and walks etc etc…i aint really a crowds person and i work around london i just want to be away from crowded places and too much traffic TBH:cool:

true but i still go out in the beer garden for a crafty cig:D:D SO WOT THE REST OFF YOU DOING FOR V DAY???

Would you prefer somewhere more intimate?:wink:

il be in a pub an inn in norfolk partying away with me, myself and I…and a few select friends :P…you should all come there :smiley:

bit off a mission:P i got plans and the last min saturday rush as usall loool:D

its a great ride… and ends with beer :smiley:

ohhh beeer tempting:D:D loool

Tempting but the fred hill ride is the next day.

What’s on at the Ace, if there is not a lot on there, why not meet there on Saturday night?

The Ace has a band on but they have been advertising for weeks that you have to pre-book dinner (special Valentine’s Day menu apparently).

Wot is it? burger an chips with a rose on the side of the plate? :smiley:

i wouldn’t mind meetin up at a pub, anywhere but away from the crowds which i think would be impossible:w00t:

I can meet up at ace in time for a blat to a pub for example. :slight_smile:

gud idea sid, wot time?