Well I've done it, got myself a new bike

Went to look at a bike today and slapped down a deposit.

Can’t get to pick it up until next Saturday then straight round to Essential Rubber (do we still get 10% discount) before I get to ride it home by the long route :smiley:

It’s a 2005, done 22,500 miles got ABS, Heated Grips, comfort package fitted full service history etc, not buying the Givi top box as I don’t think it looks right on the bike.

I’m a well happy bunny




nice bike and nice colour


nice bike dude…thought you was getting a trumpet tiger?

is your bandit still for sale btw?

Sort of went off the Tiger when I did a side by side road test with a GS then decided that the GS Dakar was the way to go, at least I can do some green laning on it, Tiger would fall flat on it’s arse as soon as it saw a grass verge.

Got 4 people looking at the bandit tomorrow so not sure at the moment.

Might have to go out and see if I can find the Dakar graphics for it though, it should look like below but still trying to make my mind up.

Guy I’m buying it off took the originals off because the stickers were peeling off



Congratulations, a nice bike. Apparently this is one of the few bikes for which the manufacturer has got the fuel injection mapping spot on, which means for a very efficient machine and excellent fuel economy.

An excellent choice. The fact that Hitler didn’t like them makes them all the better in my view! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=iaB40TLQE8M

That vid is pure class :D:D

ah good points…GS definetly handle green laning better, good choice sir:D

ok nice one, i gott acheck on the other one i mentioned, lets us know if it goes:)

Nice bike - have fun! :slight_smile:

That looks a gorgeous example. Although I’m a fan of the Tiger, I do think this is a better choice, particularly if you want to go play in the mud!

Nice one dude. Enjoy the new steed when you pick her up!

nice one, very clean

Oh no, not a bmbloodyw.

different class on biker altogether now, you get free arrogant i’m better than you classes with 1 of them.:smiley:

only kidding m8, enjoy

Just don’t go ‘all bmw’ and forget to nod us! ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one, just got to be done sometimes:)

It’s alright chaps I’ve been practicing the royal wave :P:D