Well done to the Brands Hatch team.

A big thank you to the marshals, medics and control tower team, my mate highsided going down paddock Hill bend, he was knocked out for six minutes on the track, broke both collar bones, fractured shoulder, arm, shattered elbow, damaged hip and leg injuries.

The Brands hatch team were fantastic they were super quick in attending the crash and kept us informed all through the incident, to top it all race control then helped find a truck to get his battered fireblade back home.

Good news is he is up and talking and gradually being put back together again, glad to say CT scan was clear, lets hope he recovers soon.

Sounds like a bad one, Paddock is not a nice place to go walkies…

But glad that the CT scan was OK, hope you mate recovers soon. Yeap marshalls are a good bunch, don’t get much for what they do, but always 100% if you need em :slight_smile:

were you on a track day…if so what company?

When I highsided with focus events on brands gp a few weeks back I was carted off to hospital. A few people who i work saw my bike return to the pit lane and that was about it. The bike had to be chained near the burger bar and I couldnt arrange for anything to be sorted till I was dishcharged a few days later. Bike was still there but I would of gladly paid for them to send the bike home as i had to go there from the hospital to sort it.

Aside from that they were great with repect to getting me the medical attention I needed and geting the safety car out --> which is really the main thing.

I hope your mate recovers fully! Sounds like an extremely nasty high side.

glad your mates survived with out to much damage , i said a while back this is the best place to have an accident , the satff and medics are great hope your mate recovers fully and soon

Ouch :pinch: Hope he makes a speedy recovery!

that sounds nasty - best wishes to the guy and hope he mends quickly.

I’ve lowsided at Paddock, but highsiding there must be bad.

Re marshals and bikes: the trackday people just hire the venue. The track staff are responsible for ensuring safety and they won’t have an’re the people who pick up damaged bikes. You can ask them to put your bike somewhere for you, but they don’t have any insured storage facilities and can’t assume liability.

thats a big off, GWS hope he heals up fast.

Paddock is a mental corner…would hate to crash there! its preety quick corner too.

thinking about it, I broke both my arms in a (pedal)bike accident a long time ago. There were two options to bum wiping - do it very slowly and with some pain, or get someone else to do it.

I didn’t ***p for days… Feeling for you mate!

Nice one Jerry, never thought about the basics of arse wiping.

He may be a mate but i,m not wiping his arse for any amount of cash, as an update he had a three hour op this afternoon to rebuild his elbow, wont know outcome till later tomorrow.

The trackday was with No limits, Mark from no limits was helpful, it was the motorsports team in the control tower who organised the pick up for the bike, I think they used the yamaha bike dealer at the back of paddock hill bend, £80 to get the bike back to Burgess Hill, not bad considering the severity of the accident.