Well done London

I was a doubter but am glad to say I was proved wrong.

What a fantastic Olympics we delivered, great crowds, great emotions and a fantastic selection of medals.

Well done Team GB
Well done all the volunteers and the armed forces for making it run smoothly.

The weather wasn’t bad either lol

I would agree. I wasn’t sure going in, but it’s been amazing.

GB or the UK aren’t often that patriotic compared to somewhere like the US, but this really has made be proud to be British.

It’s an amazing result too, to finish third in the medal table, a little nation like ours. Well done Team GB!

Yep, great job in the face of the Great British 'ooh i am not sure we can do that '… Of course we can

I must confess I was most worried about a terrorist attack

Did we win then?

Did we win then?

agreed i was a doubter too but have enjoyed it all:cool:

nah, we lost £ 9 billion

lol, I bet that the fact we are in a double recession has somthing to do with the olympics.

Even Prince Henry enjoyed it :Wow:

I got to say having been involved in a bit of work that was to do with it i was very taken back by it, i really thought it would fall on its bum. The turnout for London overall has been terrible, but i think the legacy really could be a ongoing thing esp for easy london.

Personally i tip my hat to the volunteers, they are the true un sung heroes.

And of course all the athletes, what a great place to finish 3rd!! We are after all a tiny little island!!

As intended I had as little as possible to do with the Olympics (not a grouch, just no money in the wallet) and so it never affected my daily life. Only part of it I had to put up with because it was splattered on the web news pages were the tales of who won and the accusations of druggies or fixers. Seems the thing still needs a bit of cleaning.

Have to admit after a while I became interested in the gold medal score. It was just amazing how historically China has improved their collection over the decade, and Russia declined. Perhaps because Russia no longer has all the USSR parts in it anymore?

GB collected an incredible amount of gold, and add GB to the rest of Europe, EC is better than the US or China.

I also felt a little let down by the crime arrests, perhaps the Met only released officially linked Olympic crimes to keep the figures politically low. But with so many on the beat you’d have thought some of London’s everyday criminal gangs would have caught some eyeball attention and more gang rings busted?

O’well now the cops and squadies can get a bit of the months sun on a few days off now.

Hands up. I thought we’d blow it but we didn’t. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Two big gripes.

1: The whole ticket system where countries/corporates have loads of tickets but don’t turn up.

2: They close the park for a year after the Paralympics so I never get to see what the f… I helped pay for.

I’d pay just for a walk around and look.

2: They close the park for a year after the Paralympics so I never get to see what the f… I helped pay for.

really? thats a reall shame :crazy: by then will all be torn down and filled with tesco’s and costa cofee shops

Not quite, but almost right.

They shove up a shed load of… well, sheds, but always remember to call them"affordable housing"

Only then to Costa Coffee, Tesco’s, et al, move in. You need the captive audience as punters to make your further globalisation viable.

bet they keep the worlds biggest mc D’s for all our future athletes :laugh:

Are the games lanes done or do they stay active for the paraolympics?

Before I was lucky enough to get some Water Polo tickets in the park, I’d got some tickets in the actual stadium for the paraolympics for only about £30.

I get the impression even these are becoming hard to get hold of now mind, but might be worth checking?

I was a a big doubter beforehand but I’ve got to say I’ve had a great two weeks and I spent most of it watching from home. Finally got some tickets to an event (the modern pentathlon) on Saturday and saw the men’s 10km swim in Hyde Park on Friday and the atmosphere was amazing. Got to love London when people are given something to be unashamedly happy about!!

Supposedly the Olympic Park will be renamed the ‘Queen Elizabeth Park’ and be open to all. Not sure when that will happen though. As far as I’m aware the only building that will happen will be to convert the Athletes Village into affordable housing.

Not bad for our little country described as " about the same size as Michigan " !!

You would have seen my brother in law commentating that day! I saw the women’s modern penthathlon yesterday - it was absolutely incredible. The stamina required for competing in 5 gruelling events over the course of one day, plus the fight for silver between Britain and Brazil at the end in the running, with the crowd on their feet cheering, was amazing. There was real goodwill and a party atmosphere amongst the crowd.

My verdict is - opening ceremony - creative, innovative and a credit to Danny Boyle; Olympics themselves - better than anyone expected, an amazing two weeks when Britons of all walks of life, backgrounds, ages (Mary King at 53 for example) and cultures came together and saw the nation proud; the closing ceremony - a let down - too many ageing celebrity rock gods and not enough inclusion of the wide range of musical influences that make up contemporary London.

Hower 2 out of 3 aint bad :smiley: