can anyone here weld aluminium
I was polishing one of my engine cases
The mop grabed the case hit the wall and chiped a lump out
It’s not a part that has to be oil tight
But I would like to polish it up after

Matt at the OMC had some aluminium welding done recently by a place in Croydon. I can’t remember the name of the place but ask him.

I think it’s Alpha Welding…?

Was going to use them a while back but then my bike got written off :smiley:

Near Ace cafe (Alperton) is an old lad which can do this for You)

Do you know how I can get a hold of him

Is in small trading place at the end of Sunleigh rd. On right hand side
near 497-498 Sunleigh Rd
Wembley, Greater London HA0

N S Welding & Metal Works