Welcome Newbies

Welcome to LB one and all.

We hope you like what you find, which is the friendliest and most useful motorcycle community in London if not the World!!

There are however a number of ‘rules’ (or guidelines really) that we will ask you to observe, and the detail is contained in the http://londonbikers.com/about/code.aspx and http://londonbikers.com/about/forums.aspx pages accessed from the bottom of the page.

I’ll sum them up for you here tho:

A) We work on the principle that most users are going to use the forum at work sometimes and so the content of the forum will be moderated accordingly.

This means:

Profanity is not encouraged, but we assume that most users are not going to be upset by the occasional curse or swear-word. The thread title is particularly monitored and I personally include derivatives of swearwords, like ‘****’, as profanity. Please also respect that others may not share your use of these elements of our vocabulary and might be offended.

Images that are pornographic are a no-no and will be removed as soon as possible with the user receiving a caution or possible ban. Images that are risque will be moved to the Adults section at our discretion or at other’s wishes.

Remember that many of the free videos hosting sites advertise with scantily clad women and while the video you want us to see is not a cause for concern, the images seen while there maybe.

Please label such threads as ‘Not Work Safe’ - or NWS for short. This informs people that perhaps viewing in an open plan office is not a good idea.

B) Posting threads for commercial gain is not really on. If you wish to advertise yourself or your business then you should contact Macp or another member of the admin team. Certain members have been allowed to advertise on their tagline, but this is an arrangement made between them and LB.

Such advertising will be removed at LB’s discretion, with a caution issued to repeat offenders.

C) Be nice to people. Emails and forum threads are notorious for being mis-interpreted so always err on the side of caution. Use the smilies to help indicate if you are joking/leg-pulling. As a suggestion I would leave leg-pulling until you have met the person and can gauge their reaction.

D) Join in!! LB is not just a virtual community. We meet Borough Market nr London Bridge every Wed night and there are always posts about who’s going. If you want to ride in with somebody, or need directions, just ask.

E) Any issues on LB, with anything, please email or Personal Message (PM) one of the Hosts or Administrators in complete confidence and we’ll try and help.



:w00t:howdo to ya`ll

Whoops seems this has unlocked :crazy:

Nice to meet you - add a new topic in the newbie section so that others can say Hi too :smiley:

Good to be hear! Hi to all members

Hi Bob

A hearty welcome and now you’re here, why not create a new post and add a bit about you and your ride in the Newbie section.


Hi Bob - are you a fan of regular shapes by anychance?

How’d you mean?

I think you’ll find that’s Steven Brown’s bike, not yours :wink:

Looks spookily like Love O’s supposed bike.

Spooky how familiar that bike looks… https://londonbikers.com/forums/posts/1106592/blaster-x-fitted


Welcome Bob! Nice ride!

Thanks Jay! My nick name is bob as im a builder…