Welcome Back

Welcome Back m8 well I take it ya back great time had I hope

welcome back Jay and Foxy hope a great time was had and some photos were taken

see you at the ace sometime

Also to Cezar welcome back

Welcome back!


Welcome back! Yep, we missed you! Things have gone a bit out of control here in your absence… For a moment, I thought I was logged on www.89.com

Who’s 89.com ?

Welcome back!Hope you both had a great holiday! I know what you mean,Paivi

Indeed welcome back Jay & Tasha, hope you had a blinding time.

Aw, thanks guys! We’re just getting back into things here, though I’ve come down with a nasty virus/fever, so am bed-bound at the moment. LB will start back up now, with news and editorial, and I can get back to sorting out any teething troubles with the new site.

We had a fab time in spain, and yes, there’ll be loads of pics to share when I get a free bit of time

Good for us that you are all back, but, I suppose you would rather still be out there. Hopefully catch up soon.

Hello you all! I got back sunday morning and it was -1 at Gatwick Not recuperated of the trauma yet as in the Costa Blanca I didn’t get one day bellow 20 degrees and always sunny!

Hope you all are ok… I’m really lost at work and here at LB…

Been racking my brains that i forgot to do sumthin on this site and then realized it today…welcome back jay & tasha, hope you guys had an awesome time in spain…dude those rays that you caught are gonna help get you thru your local weather for the next 4 months eh!