Welcome back Rossi!

God it was good to see him back doing his thing!!!

Felt sorry for Cal though . . . .

But Marc Marquez is one to watch!


great racing, last 6 laps were awsome! Rossi back on a yam and he still has it!

Epic totally loved it!

^^^^^ +1


Why did he struggle so much riding that ducati? Marquez looks a good rider in Moto GP.

What a great start to the season, I think this is going to be a good one ! :slight_smile:

:laugh: Loved it. And Ellison did well race 2 BSB.

excellent stuff. watched it with a bunch of mates and everyone was cheering

what a race… it’s what the MotoGP has been missing for a while now. Now all we need is a race like that where they are fighting for the lead :smiley:

A brilliant start to the season, great to see Rossi where he should be and Pedros doing bugger all the miserable git.

A very interesting race. As has been said, lets hope Jorge isn’t that far ahead too often. If Rossi hadn’t balls’d up the corner early on, maybe he’d have pushed him?

And if Rossi hadn’t been unlucky with qualifying
and had started better than 7th on the grid?

And then he made an early mistake getting past
Pedrosa and lost time.

I don’t have the exact lap times but it looked
like Rossi was the fastest man on the track for
much of the second half of the race.

Superb race, what a start to the season.

spoilers!! :angry:

good thing i watched it before logging onto here

yeah I had the same thing last night… saw Rossi in the page somewhere and I just hit ALt+F4 as soon as possible!

why you calling Pedrosa a miserable git?

he said he wasnt happy with the bikes settings thats why he wasnt doing so well. he’s usually the one behind Jorge fyi. he had a very good season last year.

about marquez, pffft. he wont really last if he doesnt learn how to keep his tires for a bit longer. what he doesnt lack in character he’s definitively lacking in experience.

He’s in Rookie year, got a podium & finished in front of Pedrosa… think he’s doing alright with what he does know so far! jeez one race!!

And pedrosa is a miserable git… probalby coz he hasnt won a title yet & its not looking good this year either!:w00t:

how am I not surprised you have to say the exact opposite all the time…:smiley:

Keeps it interesting on here! :stuck_out_tongue:
With Pedrosa, ‘always the bridesmaid and never the bride’ springs to mind! Lol