Weird tingling sensation in hands...

Okay, bit of an odd one this but I’ve noticed that I get a strange tingling sensation in my left hand/fingers after about 30 mins of riding. Note, this is limited to left (clutch) hand only…

Anyone heard of or had this? Any ideas?? Never had this with my previous bike (Bonneville) but maybe its the vibration from the V-twin of my current bike…dunno. Baffled!


As far as I know, this is primarily caused by gripping the bars too tight.

Loosen up man! :wink:

Hahaha!!! Awesome!! :wink:

But it’s sooo damn fast!!!

An instructor I had said that you should always ‘be able to do a chicken impersonation’ and, in a relaxed way, flap your arms (like wings); this is difficult to do if your arms, wrists and hands are tense.

You should be looking to hold the grips enough to steer the bike (which doesn’t take that much effort), perhaps look to other areas of the bike for body support (core muscles are a good place to start).
This would be different on the Bonnie as the seating position is different, but with sportsbikes, it can be easy to support your weight with your legs; it needn’t be in a race situation.

Are you running stock or aftermarket bar ends? Stock bar ends are a specific weight to damp vibrations so replacing ith aftermarket ones can foul this up.

I believe they are stock bar ends.

Re. chicken…yes, maybe it’s a breaking in thing and I need to adjust my riding position and use core more. I am mindful that a lot of weight is now on my wrists as opposed to a more centered upright riding style. Not that im a fat b*stard or anything lol…

But thanks for the pointers - I’ll keep this in mind on my ride home. :wink:

did you increase alcohol intake recently? :smiley:

YES!!! Losing eyesight, too…and weird pains in my lower back…and my missus has sustained some “you walked into the door frame…” bruises too…connection? :wink:

Are your arms bent whilst riding and breaking? If you need to stop quickly (or choose to) squeeze in with your thigh’s to take some of the pressure off the rest of your body.

Actually, what you say isn’t strictly true. Standard bar weights are sometime not heavy enough, so heavier ones can rectify the tingling sensation caused…worked a treat on my ZX-6R when I fitted R&G bar ends instead. :wink:

Poor blood circulation …

Go on a rabbit food diet and take up cycling, BTW you have less than an hour to grab a bargain :wink: Giving up smoking, drinking and sex may also offer some benefit.

you ride a Vee Twin, well an L twin really, but anyway its one of the pleasures man!:smiley:

There are so many variables that can cause these symptoms that comment that’s specific can so easily be absolutely right or complete borrocks.

Want an example? My similar problem was eventually diagnosed as RSI from my cwappy keyboard sills. Sorted that and then had the bike serviced and the problem started to return. Different vibration frequency? Played around with bar end weight for a while, tried chaanging the bars, tried further relaxing my grip, all sorts of shi*.

Then, on a tip from a bike racer, I third/half filled the bars with oven dried fine sharp sand. End of problem.

Then I serviced the bike…

Too much of the old five finger shuffle my friend…

Is your front wheel properly balanced?

Bar end weight screwed in tight?

As above, try not to squeeze the bar too much, move your hand every few mins etc…


This is probably why, I get the same thing when I ride bikes with a more forward-leaning position.

Thank you to all who’ve offered advice on this strange phenominon. Will explore all avenues…

Thanks again,


i get this too - same bike, sometimes i get it, sometimes not.

Its like a funny ‘aftershock’ tingle if you clap or tap your hands yeah?..

Hey its a sports bike! How long you had it?

You probably have your weight more on the left hand as you use the right all the time on the throttle and brake. Is your indicator on the left? Do you find you have to shift weight off your left hand to switch it? Sign your resting too much on it. Also bend the elbows - gives you better leverage when counter-steering :wink:

Also shoulders. Tight shoulders for me makes my left hand go numb too. Tightening muscles constricts blood vessels. If you can relax your back, neck and shoulders it may help some.

And try to shift your weight around more as said above, back and forth off onto your legs occasionally. But this then just leaves you knackered all over :stuck_out_tongue:

But hey its a sports bike! :smiley: Your not supposed to ride them for more than around 30-40 mins at a time! What do you mean you need to get to work… ride faster! :smiley:

*** Any advice given herein is pure conjecture and should not be taken as professional advice and as such is followed purely at your own risk. No warranty is inferred of impaled…

I get a similar feeling when I’ve been riding for long periods of time sometimes (suzuki GSR so not a twin)… Usually disappears in about 2-3 mins though in my case so never thought too much of it.