Weird Russian Self Defence / Borderline Homoeroticism...

Cant’ see anything homoerotic about that. How much close contact martial arts forms have you seen?

I have a friend who has been learning the system for years, he’s a total badass!

I taught the a couple of the Gracie family (the founders and vanguard of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu) when I lived in Rio, you would not want to fk with those guys! Students would often come to school with broken limbs.

After having not only seen, but been involved in a hell of a lot of close quarter combat techniques over the last so many years, both in the military and as a close protection officer, I can only say that the clip shown there looks great to your average person who has no experience.

However, with a hell of a lot of training and a lot of hours of pretending to lunge half-hartedly at an opponent, you too could look like this! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, this is a very bad example of how Systema works. And, personally, if you want to try a mixed martial art that the average person can take on and use quite easily, try Krav-Maga. It quite literally takes basic human reactions and shows you how to utilise them, as well as making the most out of an attack by turning it back on an attacker. :satisfied:

I only say this as someone who has tried both, and had need to use the techniques that were taught to me.

What more proof do you need other than the fact that I’m still here after a good few years of putting myself in harms way! :wink:


Was that as an armed CPO or not?

I’m suprised they take REME guys as CPOs as the industry is flooded with ex-infantiers.

I was thinking of joining the monkeys just to get the CP course but reality struck and joining the pongos and being a monkey just over loaded me :smiley:

Back on topic

I did kick boxing for 8 years(8 to 16) and tried boxing for abit, watching that vid, ******** to all that “jackie chan, put his hand through the railings” shizzle. Simplicity I think is the way forward, no point being a black belt in bruce lee if the guy you’re fighting is 5 times the speed in reactions and movements.

BTW, they’re talking about being a bouncer.

“Sorry, mate, no trainers!” :smiley: