Weight Restrictions

Hi guys,

Im considering purchasing a Honda CBR125 during the next few months, which will be my first bike, but the only concern thats come to mind is if im maybe a little to big for the bike. I weigh in at about 110k. Since the bike is very narrow, and tyres are nearly as thin as paper, was thinking if it would cause a bigger problem than just loss of acceleration/speed. Can anyone give me the thumbs up if it shouldn’t be a problem? Sorry if its a daft question



Buy it and enjoy.

Give it a year and you’ll wish for something bigger…

Ride safe and all should be good…

I’m about 16 stone and an learning on a Yamaha SR125 hasn’t slipped (or buckled) under me yet - you should be fine !

That bike can carry a lot more than that mate, they’re built for two…

A CBR should be fine - just make sure you ride within the limits. There was a time when I weighed 125kg and rode a bike with 10" wheels that weighed about 75kg. I rode it for two years and nearly 10,000 miles. I only exceeded its limits once, and only spent one weekend wired up toa drip in hospital!

Just checked out the bike instead of just seeing the “125” description - TBH your and my bike probably aren’t that much different (handling and performance wise) although yours looks more sporty