weekend away: Tailpack, tankbag or Backpack (Kriega)

First time i get to go for a weekend away on the bike (France) without the wife! :w00t:

this means that i get to leave the topbox at home :wink: but not sure what to use to carry the few items i will need.

In the past i could fit most things i need in a tankbag i got. so I can either have it as a tankbag or put it on the (empty) pillion seat as a tailpack.

I also have a Kriega 35 that I use daily to carry my gym stuff & lunch(es) to work so i know it fits alot and is confortable (but not done more than a couple hours with it).

so what would you recomend i take Tailpack, tankbag or Backpack


Tailpack - tank bags are great but it’s nice having empty space between your arms and the bars and clocks - and not a big lump in the way.

Just make sure it is properly secured! Remember it’s just over the rear wheel! :wink:

First choice would be tankbag, if it’s just a small one, as your maps are to hand and you can see you have your valualble on all the time.

Second choice would be tailpack, it doesn’t get in the way of our fat belly’s and we can pack loads of stuff in them. Down side is you can’t see if you’re losing anything.

Last resort would be rucksack. I don’t like wearing one because of the chances of recieving greater injuries in the event of an off. The upside of course is that you don’t have to keep unclipping the bags/packs everytime you leave the bike. Also think of the extra weight on your shoulders for your journey?? is it going to become a burdensome load??

I could take the backpack and use a net to tie it to the pillion seat :wink:


Did France last yr on my RR6 with Kriega tail pack of a US20 with a US10 on each side (see US40 on website) and a tanktop clear map holder (Roadgear) which I had my phone and a map in. When on the ferry just unclipped a US10 with essential/valuables in. 40 litres was plenty for a weeks worth.