Wednesday 31st May 2017 evening ride out of town

Leaving High Beech Tea Hut at 6 pm sharp to arrive at The Great Bentley Bike Meet for 7:30 to 8:00 pm via 75 miles on some of the finest tarmac in Essex.

Make your own way back to London on the A12 whenever you’re ready.

Earlier 5 pm meet up at The Bungalow Cafe Marks Tey if you want.

Weather permitting I’m in for this one. I’ll meet at high beech

If it’s dry, see you at the Bungalow :slight_smile:

It’ll be dry and scorchio, better make that 4:30 pm at The Bungalow leaving 5 pm to make the tea hut for 6pm


Is that Bert’s tea hut high beech?

Once upon a time it was Bert’s. 

Bert’s grandson,  Bradley Melton, now calls it The Original Tea Hut.

Junction Fairmead Road and Cross Roads

Just set it in my map for Wednesday

I’m here white Kawasaki er6f

Cheers gents :slight_smile: Right palaver finding petrol, but sorted and home safe n sound. Enjoyed that!

Thankyou for the ride out and tips great evening out of london. Played petrol station roulette on the way home lol

The petrol station I went to had just closed (like all the burger bars!) and then they closed the road to Bergholt. Was on flashing petrol light for about 10 miles before I found a garage :slight_smile:

Ride out rule 6:17 'If the group stops at a petrol station, fill up! (Even if you’ve used only half a tank)

Just closed was the theme of the evening, we arrived everywhere just in time to see the shutters pulled minutes after closing time. High Beech tea hut, Kings Oak burger bar, Great Bentley burger bar, Plough Inn kitchens and a random chippy. Then we stumbled across the Sea View, a seaside Chinese take away, where our supper was prepared while the local Co-Op across the street pulled their shutters. Down on the sea front we parked up in the disabled bays and took out bought out supper on Bateman’s Tower Cafe patio tables under the ‘only food purchased on these premises’ sign.

Happy Days

Rule 9.36 check opening times beforehand :blush:

Fair point, well made