Wednesday 22nd June Krispy Kreme meet

Ok as i will be on duty tomorrow night anyway i will be getting to Kripsy Kreme around half six at New Malden KK Map & LocationJust coffee and await a phonecall …so i may not be there after seven but you never know …

So if anyone else fancies meeting up there …if i remember right there are a indian and possible chinese takeaway down road …or other places within quarter mile …Tesco 24hr very close by hmm you won’t not notice the bike btw :smiley:

I could meet you there TimR, walking distance for me :slight_smile:

About 400 yards from my ride home - if my day is any better than today, I may see you, but it is looking like it is going to be shyte all week!

Will be out with my visiting aussie relatives, but will see what time i am free :smiley:

sorry Tim, had family to sort out :slight_smile:

Having only had eleven hours away from work between yesterday and today I left work early and completely forgot about this. Sorry.