Website hacked

I know there are some internet gurus floating around here, some advice needed. :slight_smile:
A friend of mine owns the site, which has recently been hacked by the Expire Cyber Army. My friend is a Sikh, and his host is based in India, but he has been unable to contact him by phone or email.
He can normally change content on the site, but he is completely locked out.
What is the best course of action? I feel intuitively he should drop his current host and use someone closer to home?

Go with something like hostgator. First transfer domain somewhere. If he is a registrar it would not be difficult.


Thanks EB, I know precious little about this sort of thing, but I’m off to see him today to see if I can get him sorted out. He knows less than I do, so the first task will presumably be to find out what sort of control he has over his site.

Can he access the where the domain is controlled? I’d get that changed to or similar.

I’ve been using these guys for a couple of little projects, they are UK based

uk2net are not bad and mentioned by me hostgator, godaddy but personally I’m not in favour of this company.
And first thing first domain name have to be transfered and try to have this outside of you hosting provider this is so much easier when some bad things going on.


Thanks chaps, I’m taking notes. :slight_smile: