****ing weather, how can it be blistering hot in march and april then change so bloody much in may, hate wet weather riding! just have to move to oz i think.

yeh its lovely and sunny all week while your stuck at work, and when you get to the weekend when its your time off ,the weather turns ****,so you cant go out and enjoy your motorcycle the way you want to. monday morning and your back at work and its lovely and sunny again, it does it deliberately

Planned a rideout today and spend tomorrow with the kids but the rideout was cancelled, so now i have 2 days with the kids.

Proper Crap aint it !!

I was all set meself for a blast out today !!

Grim !!

yeah right you planned a ride out, where was that to your toilet and then back to the armchair

I never planned it but my friends did, but it`s too wet for them. The ride was to somewhere in Essex.

yeah bloody boollacks this weather, ride back from donny was good for some parts but getting back in to london and the heavens opened and arrggh i hate filtering with misty visor and cars that arent looking!!!

well im off most of next week so im not fretting too much and fazer is off the road this weekend anyhoos for a bit more pimp my ride action…

Westie, you can pimp me if you want a ride.

Was just about to post a thread about ****e weather…

Now I’m even more bovvered

End of bloody May and the weather is still crap…That means, lets say half of June to September…Wow 3 and a half months of good weather…Fook this country, I’m off to Brazil.

It hasnt stopped raining here sinse yesterday morning and its been very windy out there all night and now.

I had to ride from London to Leicester last night Thought a few times I was gonna be blown off!

Got to make the journey back again tonight

Bovvered would be an understatement!

Had a lovely sunny ride up to Lincs on Thursday and it then proceeded to rain throughout the treackday a group of us were doing at Cadwell Park… and I binned my bike in the wet

It rained the whole fokking weekend and I spent last night in a B&B with a hairdryer trying to dry thing enough to not freeze for the rest of the journey! It’s not just raining either - it’s cold and windy too!!!

Still blooming raining.

Tommorrow better be better, cos im off and having not been on the bike all weekend im dying to get out on her!!!

Tuesday’s supposed to be alright. I’m off to France again this weekend so as long as it picks up by then.

Binned it !!!

Awwwww No…everything ok ??

I just re-read your most mad, sounds like a big ouch hope your alright.