Weather proofing your textiles and leathers

I have been back riding for 5 years now and just wondered what to use . . .
Back in the day when i was a courier there where products but nothing that worked properly unless it had chemicals that didn’t agree with the job in hand most would run and or leak!

Products and where to buy please linky would be great :smiley:
Cheers Steve

nickwax from any outdoor/hiking store :wink:

I have just done the self same thing only the other weekend. I bought some NickWax from Westie and washed my Dainese Gortex suit in it. It was recommended by a few from on here so gave it a shot. Its not rained yet when i have worn the suit so can’t comment on how well it has worked but it has to be better than before i used it:P

Thanks for the replies so far guys. Found this on ebay

He sells loads of products can anyone recommend one that does textiles and leathers or do i need to buy 2 products or more?
Cheers Steve

This has been good on all my leather clothing:



there are different types that do different things.

dont think you should use a textile one for leathers… just buy the one you are supposed to