Wear your gear kids

I’m not a fan of biker down threads at all, but I happened upon an accident today, must have happened a few minutes before I arrived and having done First Bike on the scene I stopped to help. There was already a nurse on the scene and being Aldershot the Army suddenly appeared out of nowhere and told us all what to do so it was in hand. I might have to do FBOS again as I don’t remember much of it. Don’t want to be first clueless biker on the scene. Anyway it was a reasonably low speed but the chaps ankle was clearly broken and a right mess because he was wearing trainers. I’m very sure any half decent motorcycle boot would have prevented (or severly reduced) that and he’d have just had a nasty bruise. There may have been other injuries but that one was the most obvious one. Wear your gear kids.


Likely hyper-rotated (I think that’s the term), where the toe hits the floor in a slide and twists the whole foot round.

I remember a Dr John Hinds video where he said if you ever see a crashed biker and their boot has come off, it’s because the foot has spun around.

“Dress for the slide, not for the ride!” is a phrase I’ve heard many times.