We now have question & answer!

One of the main benefits of being in a community like ours is the ability to get answers to our questions, or to get help with our problems. You might not even have to post the question yourself as the answer may well already have been provided or the problem solved. The community accrues wisdom, making it easy for members to find answers quickly.

As of now, you can mark replies to your posts in the Help & Advice and Legal categories as having answered your question or solved your issue.

Doing so helps others find the answer very quickly when they have the same issue and are searching for answers. People who answer questions also get badges to elevate their status within the community.

To mark a reply as having solved your issued/answered your question, click the checked icon underneath that post:

Posts with answers will then look like:

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This is very helpful. Thanks for the advice.

should this be available in all sections?

I think questions should be limited to the Help & Advice category. If the posts are asking for help, we’ll move the posts there as a moderation task.