We have invented a new game

We live adjacent to the A329(M) and so during normal times although it does not bother us, you are always aware that the Motorway is close by.

On the otherside of the Motorway is our local Railway station, and so you are constantly hearing trains passing through or stopping.

We also live on the flightpaths in and out of London Heathrow and so hearing aircraft departing and approaching London is regular, in fact we used to set our clocks by Concorde’s outbound and inbound departures and arrivals.

But since lockdown, not a peep. No traffic, no trains, no aircraft.

But… This morning I heard a train arrive at the station and the Mrs heard an aircraft departing Heathrow :blush:

That was 2+ hours ago and so we have decided to try a new game…

Count the planes and trains.

I think the game might be a bit slow and lacking excitement to catch on

have you considered taking up knitting to pass the time? :stuck_out_tongue:

There still some planes in and out of London airports nothing like the usual but there fairly regular

There’s are train versions of this too if anyone is really bored :slight_smile:


How about an app.for virtual queuing?


A week ago that was just Wickes website!

Chancers not leaving a single stone unturned!