We have found a faster route

Via blah, press if you do not want to take it…

HOW do i make google maps and/or Apple maps stop doing that, I only listen to my navigation, I keep my phone inside a jacket pocket and pressing to say NOOOO i don’t want to go that way I want to stay on the route I picked because quite frankly traffic isn’t going to make a big difference to me.

Alternatively is there a motorcycle friendly voice only instructions navigation app that I have missed?

Waze allows you to specify you are on a motorbike.

I actually turned it off because it keeps trying to send me down the Euston Road which might technically be a minute or two faster than my preferred route around the top of The Regents’ Park but I would sooner take the less polluted route.

I forgot to switch it to bike again when I needed to go to Romford and it directed me down a maze of small residential streets choked with school run cars when it would have been quicker for me to remain on the A12 and filter. I was cursing it.

You’ve got to know when to use it - but it does offer the choice.

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Its never faster route but sometimes possible a quicker route but then only in the context of the preset parameters of the particular device you’re using.

If you’re not using a dedicated SatNav there tends to be a compromise. Also when in London, or any other major city, any GPS device reliant on seeing satellites will have its limitations due to the high concentration of high rise buildings. The real deal is to eye ball your entire route on a whole map. My weapons of choice here are OpenStreetMap for an electronic map and specifically for London the Geographer’s Master Atlas of London. Commit the route to memory and then just use whatever GPS device you have for the last couple of yards of the route.

well unfortunately I have never been able to hold directions in my head, it’s not in my gift so i rely upon navigation to get me places. I have never had any issues inside London with maps I am a Londoner and I work in central London so maybe I am lucky.

All I really want is google and apple to stop forcing a route change, it used to be click here to accept the new route but now it is click here not to accept it which obviously i can’t do… is there a switch/setting i am missing?

I’ll give waze a try again.

The only thing I can think is that you have the ‘show traffic on map’ setting enabled? I don’t use gmaps for satnav.

When you look at Google maps, does it show you the traffic with red/amber/green?

When you’re in sat nav mode, press the little up arrow and it’ll be there.

In map mode, press the layers mode and remove/deselect traffic.

Maybe that helps? I can’t give more info cause I don’t use gmaps that much for satnav. I have navmii because it doesn’t use data but I can always see it so not sure how good the voice instructions are on their own. Or I also use my Garmin zumo 660.

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oo nice call, i do have it enabled and that would be why it knows one route is faster than another… allright i think you have something i will give this a try thank you

I think you have to have the data turned off or in airplane mode to stop it happening.

Have you tried Here maps? I think there is a iOS version. The Android one works well and can be run in offline mode if need be.