We do it again!

Trojan i’m after that title!

Missus spotted some scrotes riding without hats up a foot path, phones me i came out on to the landing. Luckily there was 2 cop cars over road, i tell the missus, over she goes tells and around they shoot.

Anyway couple of guys leave bike and unknown to them i’m still watching and listnening to em, “if i ddint call you be nicked etc” they were saying, police didnt give chase but thats no biggy but they got the bike.

Only a scooter/moped but some1 is getting ther bike back. didnt see it close cos i was at my gaf 5 floors up.

Trojan, will pm ya see wot ya can find out abou it for us, if poss.

Trojan doesn’t know what award he’s got yet… unless someone else has told him!

I texted him after the party saying I’d got an award for him from LB and would present it in the canteen… (I work in the same building complex) without saying what it was for!

Bloody hell, nice one Rocker!

Nice one mate, theres a couple of round my way who are riding round on a nicked scoot, but once i ind out where they store it away, ill either ring the old bill or smash it up so that they cant use it.

Nice one Rocker! Come andmove to NW london

Oooo no thanks, se london born and bred and still fooking there, lol.