WD40 5 litre cans

Anyone know where I can get 5 litre cans of WD40 in the London area for under £30.

I know I can get it online for about £22 but I would prefer to pick it up, rather than faffing about with deliveries (Never in when the post comes).



Cheers, I had looked on there and only found the normal cans, but I see it now.

And there is one not far from me, so as long as I don’t end up with one of their screws in my back tyre when I get some, I will be sorted.

Just seen the price for their “No nonsense” oil based degreaser, it’s £7.99 for 5 litres, so I think that will go on my shopping list as well :slight_smile:

I already have plenty of empty spray bottles from Muck off and more recently the pound shops “Dirty bike”.


haha! Call to check stock before you head out - the online stock checker thing is well unreliable