S’easy. Extend arm, clutch door open-y lever type effort, pull, release door, shift bum, extend knee, lean. Job done.

I’ve never tried it, like, but sounds about right to me!

Hi Haggis and welcome to the site. Sorry to hear about your bike.

Welcome, hope your sorted out soon with the bike. Had bikes nicked 3 times so far in London myself

HEy Haggis… How you doing matey? Any news on the bike? KCearl might be selling his 11… (I have first dibs naturally!)

Going to look at a 12 in a second.

Is KC selling that chavved up beast??

Welcome from another Suttoner

Hi,I’m also new here,just down the road,Mitcham. Sorry to hear about your bike,one would have thought it 'd be safe in his garage…


New Rex bought and paid for (and currently sitting outside the office)!
Pity I had to go to Durham to get it though.

The one in Ruislip I went to see was a pig on wheels!
Switch gear from the previous years model, wrong screen (with a bit of plastic jammed down behind it to hide the electrics, aftermarket bars, aftermarket end-weights, crap repairs to split fairing, cracked tailpiece, crappy paint on the wheels and just to top it off the panel on the underside of the fairing nose-cone was missing (there’s more, but you get the idea).

Anyway, I’m back on two wheels again, which has put something that can be classed as a bit more than a grin on my face.

Some new rubber and a going over with a bit of polish and I’ll be stupid-happy.

Ta for indulging a pedestrian for so long ;0)