I’m new to this site, but not to biking.
I was given the nod about a posting on here about a bike being pinched from Sutton which interests me just a little.
My blue ZRX1200S was stolen on the 19th of May from my garage in Sutton too.

What a happy note to start on!

Anyway, I’ll apologise in advance for any and all subsequent posts as they’ll probably be classed as a bit weird.

My round - who’s wants what?

Sorry to hear about your bike…there are too many going missing from all over London at the moment.

But on a happier note, welcome to LB and hope you’re back on the road again soon

hi and welcome to LB

Welcome to the site Haggis. Does the theft mean you are bikeless at the moment?

If you’re heading that way, mine’s a Guinness.

'ello and welcome to the LB site, Haggis.

Sure you’ll enjoy the banter - not as mad as the Ninja site though!

Mine’s a large Laphroaig!

Welcome aboard Haggis McSparkie! Sorry to hear about your bike…

Welcome Haggis!

hello haggis mcsparkie! great name!, we have another haggis on lb too,

sorry to hear about your bike, whats on the cards now?

Ta for all the quick replies!

I’m trying to speak to someone at the insurance company who isn’t ‘hard of understanding’ to find out how much I can rip out of them. Sigh, no luck yet.

However, when I get some dosh, it’ll go on another Rex. For some reason I don’t think the money will be in my pocket for long. It might have something to do with it taking twice as long for my commute in the car and normally more than that on the pubic transporter.

Haggis comes from, well I’m sure you’ll figure that out for yourselves ;0)
McSparkie comes from my love of grinding Ti sliders into the tarmac.

PS Hi to all the other Haggii on board and those others unfortunate enough to know me.

Welcome to londonbikers Haggis… So sorry to be welcoming you under such unfortunate circumstances. A beverage reserved for you when we catch up.


Hi and welcome aboard.

Hey, and welcome. Make mine a v. large double vodka and coke… please


hello and welcome hope to meet you soon


When I get the next bike, I’ll certainly head out to a meet, to, well, meet you all.

hello and welcome

Welcome aboard- nothing to stop you hiding the car and coming to Borough Market anyway

Yeah, with the leathers in the boot huh? ;0))))

I have my eye on another bike, so fingers crossed the insurance cough up soon (before someone else buys it). We have a quick jaunt round Scotland coming up, so with any luck, I can put a deposit on it on the way up and trailer it back down, on the way down.

Welcome to LB, Haggis. Good news on a potential new steed and fingers crossed your insurance co. coughs up soon. Don’t worry about driving to Borough - it’s not compulsory to turn up on two wheels (altho if you did that in a car, it would definitely be a memorable entrance).

Enjoy Scotland - loads of wicked roads up there

Wicked roads, yes! But in a shagged out Ford Galaxy full of kids and kitchen sinks (plural!!)?
Hmmm, I’ve never tried a knee down in the bus.