Wayne Rooney

Ok. I struggle to get my head around this one. He is going bald so he decides to move the hair from the back of his head to the front. But what about when he starts losing hair from the back and sides? He is going to have hair on top and none round the sides?I don’t get it. Surley its something to do with testrone so what if he moves the hair from the back to the top and it all falls out? he has just spent 10k to speed up the process…


I’ve not exactly got a full head of hear anymore either (at 38) but personally, I wouldn’t waste any money on this openly vaine cosmetic surgery.

ahahahaha :smiley: I couldn’t believe it when I heard about this. He’s going to get so much stick next season - what a twat. Don’t he remember what happened to that twat Stephen Ireland and his syrup? hahahah :smiley:

If he’s got the money to spend let him keep a few people in work trying to spend it:)

But like MK said he’ll still be ugly at the end of it:)

Exactly. Who cares if someones got no fooking hair. Looks mean nothing anyway. If I was married and my Mrs lost all her hair id love her the same always…

******* Rooney…Should of spent 10k on more hookers…Ugly contThat other prick on strictly come dancing done this aswell. He looks like a cont now.Everyone knows real men dont give a fook

well thats just plain stupid taking the hair from the back of yr own head! Why dont they take it off a donor head? I mean, u made a good point moto king man

The immortal words “You can’t polish a turd” spring to mind…

I guess it’s for the same reason that girls get boob jobs - insecurity.

I’ve always thought of Rooney as looking like a potato with whisps of hair. Now I guess he’ll resemble a potato with a bit more hair.

I doubt someone elses hair will grow on your head. Different DNA?

This could end in tears for you rooney. I had a hair transplant they took hair from the back and put it on the front :w00t:

The Daily Mash has an interesting headline for this story…

Hair transplant transforms Rooney into thuggish, foul-mouthed user of prostitutes, with hair

Ok, in this case am I allowed to ask “how does he get anyone to sleep with him?” :smiley:

Pays them don’t he

:smiley: Bloomin heck Tanya, is shagging all you think about??? :smiley: I feel sorry for any woman/girl that gets humped by Rooney - it’s not as if he’s able to give a stimulating or conversation or personality…

Be like a caveman pounding down on top of you…I got a song for rooney (Sang to elton johns song)Don’t let the Son go down on me,although I search myself its always someone elses hair that I see. I just want a fragment of my hair to wander freee,Cause losing all my hair is like ya son going down on me.Rooney = Gay

RobC (06/06/2011)

:smiley: Bloomin heck Tanya, is shagging all you think about??? :smiley:

Im sorry, what was the question? I was too busy thinking about sex :wink:

Tanya, there’s a clue in the Daily Mash headline… :stuck_out_tongue:

gonna get mine done now and have a wet look perm that way u cannot tell its a hair job

See I reckon bald on the right fella is reeeeeeeeeeally sexy - and it don’t matter how much hair you have, if you’re ugly your’re ugly. Still possible to be ugly AND sexy if you have a rockin personality…but that still doesn’t help our Wayne does it? :smiley:

I use a marker pen, and just draw hair on my head, if I’m feeling adventurous I give my self a hairy chest too, sharpies are great for that. :slight_smile: