Wavy Discs

Has anyone tried front wavy discs on GSXR1000K5-6, as im toying with the idea they worked real well on my K3 ??

They look trick but the only thing they are really good at is wearing out pads. Galfer do some nice ones from a firm calles performance parts I believe.

The ones iv orderd are Braking same as i had on my K3, which are much the same as Galfer


__31-.07.05 003.jpg

If you’re riding on tarmac alone, the only advantage I can see is that they may be a bit less liable to warp.

Bit of a fashion thing.

They look sweet to me. I think a rear one looks cool and are relitavly cheap. Wonder if they do one for my Tedium??

Braking and Galfer come out of the same factory i was told, i got Braking on my R1 and they look well but havent tried them out as yet but a good choice

Well there on


Copy of P1010027.JPG

Copy of P1010029.JPG

Copy of P1010030.JPG

Copy of P1010031.JPG

Copy of P1010028.JPG

Very nice Pete, but did you have the rose-tinted glasses on when you took those pictures??! hehehe… Can’t wait to see a bigger pic…

A better pic


Copy of P1010002.JPG

Look well, would look better against a set of BSTs and would fit the Stealth look Have you found a difference over stock at all ? i havent rode the R1 yet with mine on due to weather which doesnt seem to be letting up any time soon

Looks sharp Pete, I’m digging the look. What pads did you fit?

Iv left the standard pads in for the mo, but will start looking around for better ones ??

What pads are you using with them?