Hi everyone

I want to buy a new set of waterproofs. I already have 2 sets (Oxford Bone Dry is one of them [not bone dry at all!!]) - The problem is that I want something that packs up really small. I don’t care if it only lasts for a year and is just made out of a polythene bag - just want something the packs tiny.

Any suggestions



I just went to a local tool shop that sells workwear and got some, fit under seat and bone dry over my leathers, its all im using so far this winter

What size? as i have a set here that belong to TDM and he said to sell them for him…:smiley:


Go forth ya tart, at least I use my bike and its not a figment of the imagination, :stuck_out_tongue:

Shut it Dingle:DWe know yours aint a figment, nobody would dream of owning a teapot:P:D

I`ve got a pair of Spada over trousers waterproofs, very good and only £10.

I have a Frank Thomas waterproof oversuit (one-piece). Has been reliable so far. Packs down into its own carry-pouch - not that small (bumbag for the more well-upholstered bum) but I carry it on the pillion seat under a cargo net so no problem

I am a 48" chest.

They need to pack very small as I am touring on a Triumph Speed Triple and there is not a lot of room for a tent, bag, mat, toothbrush etc, :wink:

I might pop into a hiking shop and see if they do those tiny kag in a bag things big enogh to go over me and leathers. - I expect not though.



Lidl and I kid you not. Quite a few peeps on here have them. Cheap and they work (for a while anyway).

I go with Lidl as well. If not, try Aldi. Same ****, different wrapper. But both work. If they don’t, cheap enough to bin.


i have a pair but they dont work very well if it really tips it down… but to be fair if your camping and riding in summer I would not bother, just get wet for a bit and ignore the rain…you will soon dry out…especailly if space is that important…

What are these waterproofs that you speak of?;):P:D

Just put the wipers on;):w00t:

Waterproof is the stuff skin is made from. Everything else is a poor attempt.

Nothings perfect. If you cut skin it bloody leaks.


There are some w’proofs that are very light (and flimsy), and generally very expensive. They make them for the sort of nutters who do mountain marathons. I know bugger all about this, but I do know that now is a good time to get good bargain from outdoor shops. Maybe some Googling along those lines will do you a favour?

A work mate has one of those Triumph tractors. He went for a factory visit at Hinkley starting from the Ace in pouring rain wearing an £11:50 fishing suit bought from his local shop and a pair of suede “work boots” bought from Woolwich market, £15:00, but sprayed with Fabsil before he set off.

He has since done a second longish journey in the same kit.

Both times, he recons he was bone dry at the end. B*****d.

But then he is Irish, so it could be luck of, or “away with the fairies”.

Worth a try? I’m going to, but I’ll get Chris to buy the kit for me.

On balance. It’s luck. One suit will be bloody great, the other will leak like a sieve.


** Skin. The only thing to live in.**

Do Lidl have them in all the time or are they specials? Sounds like they will do the job.

The only thing I would say is that it’s not recomended that you ride in steel toe-cap work boots. it has been known for riders to have their tootsies amputated by the toe-cap in an off:crazy:

I got a waterproof top from ebay for £6.90 - its great if you dont mind bright yellow



I’m still using some M&S stuff bought in a sale before most of you were born.

It leaks a bit, but fortunately, not in the same places that my year old £140 FT jacket does. My son’s cheaper FT stuff is bone dry. It’s just luck.

Oh, and both Lidl and Aldi stuff is “specials” they have from time to time. Keep looking.


(Just loved the way Lidl, SE18 were selling HUGE divers knife on offer in the middle of a local knife amnesty last year.)