Waterloo Parking

anyone know a safe spot where to park my bike today at Waterloo, got an interview in Waterloo Road at 2:30pm

cant think of any directly but will say do look around cos there are some where you can chain bike up securely and some that are just bays.

saying that, think theres 1 just passed the old vic (on left) towards the ambulance place.

There’s a manned car park you can park in for £4 all day. If coming over waterloo bridge (north to south) take 1st exit on roundabout then turn left at the 1st set of lights, car park on your right :slight_smile:

I use it when I go to school in Waterloo.

Try this, has map with overlay of motorbike parking showing which are free and which need paying over the phone. Unfortunately, they dont show which have something to chain your bike to

Note that Lambeth are very hot on parking enforcement - wheel over the line by a mm and you will get done. There are several bike bays around the Imperial War Museum/Lambeth North area which seem to usually have spaces when I pass them. The one outside the now defunct Supreme motorcycles gets almost no use at all now.

Best of luck at the interview!

St Thomas’ Hospital has loads of free, secure, dry bike parking. Go through the entrance near the Westminster Bridge roundabout, go to through to the far end past the bollards and into the concrete car park on your right. Double back in the direction you came (mind, it’s dark in there) and near the car exit is a large enclosed area for motorcycles, with a bar along one side that you can lock your bike to.

And you can admire all the “No to Bike Parking Charges” posters that are on display there on your way out!

I hope the interview goes well :wink:

Hi guys, I have developed a FREE website with motorcycle parking bays for Londoners

I have also created an iPhone app that you can download for a small charge.

Hope this helps! Please share the link if you like it!



I use this http://www.parkingforbikes.com/map/onlinemap for all my London Parking & a large padlock

or outside here is still no parking restrictions

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