Waterloo new meeting point. Who's up for that??

OK! Now the go ahead is official! What about we start to meet there right now on this wednesday night? We only will know if that’s nice we we give it a try.

Who’s up for that?

For those who don’t know about it yet and/or missed the last post, it’s here:


Oh Yes…Ive been waiting this post Cezar…Location looking as good as the Menu and Im up for it this Wednesday…

What time ?

Great Barro! Let’s spread the word to the boys and girls then! I should be there from 7pm onwards! (obviously if it’s not raining)

Count me in Cezar!

7 it is…see you Wednesday.

I might be tempted to try one of their smoothies… If nothing else, then to celebrate the fact that I just landed my dream job! Quite possibly starting on that very Wednesday!

Wow…Congrats are in order then…well done…x

hmmm… decisions decisions… girlfriend or waterloo?

girlfriend or waterloo?

girlfriend or waterloo?

girlfriend or waterloo?

girlfriend or waterloo?

girlfriend or waterloo?

girlfriend or waterloo?

girlfriend or waterloo?

girlfriend or waterloo?

girlfriend or waterloo?

girlfriend or waterloo?

I think we have a winner: Waterloo.

Good Man…lol…you made the right choice.

I’m up for it Cezar!

Paivi, nice one!!

I live pretty close - so see you there!


Oooh, very clever, signor capitano!

Can’t make weds so I’ll have to wait for a fri night. Have fun

I might even be tempted to go

Congrats Paivi. Which one did you land?

quuestion regarding this… wed new venue, is the idea to go there say 7:30 - 08:00 first then fly to the Ace or viceversa, or no Ace at all? Please can you explain Cezar?

No Ace Capt…Cezar has been in talks with the owners of this place due to the possibility of bikes being elbowed from Frith for good…so…seeing as its central…got a good menu and a sizable car park then it could be a good venue for a regular meet on the biking calender. Lets get down there and give it a go and see how things are for a while.

Will this be a regular friday meet then???

Cant make weds but can make fri!

Paivi who u working for now…congrats either way!

I will be the new master of the equity derivs & credit derivs universe at JP Morgan! How cool is that! Based literally on top of the Corporation carpark in London Wall.

Legend! Well done you!

Milky Bars on you

The Idea as barro said came up from the frith street incident but a few summers ago I and some other members used to go to Sarrat on wednesdays nights for a meeting. The place was close down due to residents complains.

I thought that we can have Waterloo to meet on wednesdays night during this sumer and keek the soho as it is on fridays. If soho is closed down we can do fridays at the Ace and then head to waterloo and on wednesdays meeet there as well.

Two meetings a week! How does it sound?

The ace will always be there for us! Soho? I hope so as I think it’s not replaceable in many ways. It’s just another alternative. You guys will give the feed back on this wednesday.

Anyone seen the forecoast? I’m in fear to look at it… lol