Washing Kriega backpack

Any particular tips on how to wash a Kriega backpack?
Or just fill the bathtub with water and soap, soak and air dry?

Think we’ve done the bath option before. Water came out black!

Probably not the approved method, but mine went through the washing machine several times with no apparent damage. Just used a cold/hand wash cycle.

Did the bath method in the end. Didn’t want to damage my washing machine more than anything!!

Have had the backback for 10+ yrs and this was the first time I washed it!!

You can imagine what came out!

What @Panagiotis means is that he didn’t want to incur the wrath or Mrs Panagiotis by attempting to use the washing machine.

What’s a washing machine?

We has a magic bin. I lift the lid drop inside anything I need washing and a day or so later its all washed, dried and ironed and hanging in the wardrode, neatly folded in drawers or wherever it normally resides.

Danger talk!

(I do the washing in our household)

Hmmm I’ve never washed my kriega

Now starting to think of I should.

If you want to use in washing machine, can always run a hot programme after with half a cup of bleach to clean it all out.

I’ve used the washing machine a few times. An in all occasions I have ruined something.

I am now banned for life from using it!

Hah, I was banned too for a while.

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I’ve never heard my wife swear so much!! thankfully found the same exact dress on eBay and was redeemed!

(It was a dress that was no longer in stock)

I did ruin one very very expensive scarf from her mother.

However I am still allowed to use :smile:

@ShaunC has a surplus of brake & clutch cleaner, may be worth a quick spray.

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Probably difficult to find a dress in your size Pan , glad to hear you managed to replace it :wink:

I know right!
You’re lucky with your slim figure, you can wear any dress

Let’s be honest. Do a job badly once and never have to do it again :smirk:


When I got married an old married man advised me to drop the dishes while drying them :slight_smile: