Was this you?

Is she wearing any knickers?

Seeing these dimensions I would say that she has left approximately USD 10,000 at KFC and Roy Rogers :hehe:

Poor bike though…when do people get it that a sport bike does not make you sexy all alone (except CBR´s :D).

Eeeewwww…nice…NOT! :smiley:

She could wear the bike as a thong.

In fact, on the next frame, there’s no bike left anymore.

come to think of it I’ve not heard from LBs favourite SRAD rider in a while


Bikes have airbags these days :blink:…When did that happen?I feel sorry for any driver who runs into the back of that bike.

I’m guessing he’s on holiday?

I think Chunks is in Italy with BikerBoy visiting Alice and BumbleBee before they move to OZ?!?

Reading that again it sounds like some kind of covert operation code… :wink:

Come to think of it I’ve not seen Sherrie for a while either :smiley:

Sorry hunny you know im only joking… :kiss:

Perhaps he’ll send us a postcard? :slight_smile:

If she came off she would have a soft landing.

At least he’s got somewhere to park his gixxer if the side stand falls off! :smiley:

And you gotta cheek to moan about what I call a relative :D:D

funny though :slight_smile:

Oi I didn’t moan… and Sherrie can take a joke as she knows I mean no malice in what I said :stuck_out_tongue:

(It was only yesterday that you said your mate was a relative, so understandable if she beats the crap out of you) :D:D

very funny! sooo american!!:w00t:

I was waiting for reference to me, suprised it took you guys so long!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Aint that a pic of Goose :smiley:

is this related to the shrinking GSXR?
:smiley: :w00t: