was gooing to come Borough then had a......SMALL OFF!

Where was he turning right, at the lights?

I don’t think it matters how careful you are, if someone decides they’re going to turn at the last second, they will take you out. No amount of observation or forward planning is going to avoid that. Unless you sit in the traffic like a car of course.

Unfortunately, regardless of the witness, this could go either way. If this fellow disputes liability, get yourself a dedicated motorcycle legal time (like White Dalton, or others as posters suggest) and don’t just take the muppets given to you by your insurers.

The old BS of 80% liability to the filtering biker is starting to wane, but it all depends on whose story they believe. Mr Osama will soon claim you approached the lights as if Satan himself was riding that bike.

Hope you and bike get back to normal soon as. Is there no end to the cagers stupidity?!!! :wink:

I spoke to the rider at riders support, she reckons I have a very strong case. She has spoken to the witness and he says that he was looking at my bike thnking thats nice and watched me litterally get taken out. Says it was not my fault at all!No he was not turning right at the lights. Right onto a parade of shops to cut out the traffic! [email protected]£r

Blimey i had an almost identical accident this morning, as described in my thread in the mentoring section. I was lucky and was unscathed probably because “my” car was smaller, less powerful and driven by someone who was lighter on the accelerator.

I hope you and your bike both make a speedy recovery.

i think today has been the day for **** drivers!

Glad to see that you’re not too bashed about, GWS :wink:

Hey mate I wish you a speedy and full recovery. I got booted off by a bus recently. Not good fun.

Sorry to hear about your accident

I had a broken scaphoid when I was younger,

Fell over playing football, twisting my wrist back, obviously hurt a fair bit, but wrist still seemed reasonably mobile, and after a couple of days the pain had pretty much subsided, so assumed i’d just sprained it or something, but after that, used to get aches sometimes when at work or doing my weight training, plus a little bit of restriction on the movement

Any way about 3 years later I was poodling home from work on me bike, twat in a car coming in opposite direction decides to turn right no indicator or nothing, straight in front of me, and bike gets embedded into the side. :crying:

Fortunately I was doing less than 30, which is a bit unusual for me, but after getting pain in my wrist, goes to hospital and said bone was broken, but turns out it was already broken from the football accident before :w00t: , and I had been going round with a broken wrist for 3 years, but doctors said this is quite a common occurance, being such a small bone it doesn’t affect the mobility too much

Had to have a small operation to hold the bone together, then it took about 4 months to heal

Trouble is it’s such a small bone, and it’s the small bones that take longer to heal, because there’s less calcification to rebuild the the join.

Someone said earlier that they had the same injury and were ok after a week,

That bone don’t heal in a week, although it is possible to use it broken, as I did, but won’t heal properly if not given the chance, and you’ll have a permanent ache and possible problems later in life.

So make sure you let it heal, and go for a compensation claim, I got £3000, and that was 30 years ago, so worth a lot more now, go to a claims specialist and they’ll help you sort it, i’ve got a couple of numbers, one in East London and one in Essex that i’ve used more recently that are good, if that’s of any use to you. :wink:


yes mate, im going to claim off his insurance and compensation. Im glad im with the police as they brought my baike back to the nearest station for safety!


sorry to hear of your off dude…your gixxa is soo nice too! hope your ok mate…hope the schaphiod heals fast!

Hi guys…bit of an old thread but an update.

The driver was asked to go to a Driver improvement course back in January (which is a day course rather than recieving 3 points) this was because the traffic OCU decided he was driving without due care and attention.

He disputes this and now he has to go to court in Sept 09 for the offence.

Rider SUpport have been chasing this up and liased with his insurance company, and after reviewing the case, the theird parties insurance have decided to claim full liability!

So wooohoooooo! I WIN!

Chin up cager!

Nice one … and only seven months down the line

I feel some bike shopping coming along very soon.

Good news finally, took its time mind:w00t:

Many congratulations, Marly; this is great news.

Have you made a full recovery now from your injuries, and are you back riding again?

Don’t I went to have a look at the new R1 last week!

hell yeah, been riding! can’t stop LOL!

Good news :smiley:

get well soon buddy!!! ilive near the greenford road maybe catch you soon

i live on the greenford road as well go down it everyday give me a nod if you see a blue cb500

:smiley: :smiley: Nice one :slight_smile: