was gooing to come Borough then had a......SMALL OFF!

riding to work this morning down Greenford Road. Traffic lights ahead are gone red and the car in front is bound to stop.

I position myself slightly to the offside so he can see me in his mirror with my lights beaming! anyhow, as i approach to filter past he decides to turn right taking me with him!

I lose the plot thinking you idiot! I tell him he didnt indicate and he says he did! He shows me his indicator was on!

Then a witness comes along and says he saw it all and i was going slow and he indicated atthe last minute into my path! C+?T! as i was going into back of ambulance he says “sorry”

anyhow i scratch my fairing. Bent my front/rear break levers. mirror and bung fooked!

Go to A & E and have whiplash and a fractured schyphiod!



oh sorry to hear this… thats not good news, hope you recover quickley

Ouch. I really hope you got the full witness details as this will stand you in good stead for a strong case against the driver. Get them fully prosecuted. I’ve been using RiderSupport Services myself.

oh dude hope you get better sharpish and not to much damage to your bike
all the best jim

thanks guys… i hope i recover soonish! need to get back on…feeling the withdrawal symtoms already!

Hope you get better soon, don’t know what a schyphiod is but a fractured one sounds painful :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s the little bones at the bottom of your hand that joins to the wrist!

Last time I broke that bone, only took a week and I was back on the bike. Hope that your recovery is as quick

That’s bad news!

Get well soon.

These things tend to happen when you least expect it!

I wish you a speedy recovery.

I suppose its best to assume that all drivers are nutters and expect the worse, although in fairness I think the majority are ok. When I drive my Defender I make a point of letting bikes through rather than trying to shut them out.

I had one lorry drive pull out of my way this morning and another 20 ton tipper race me for a gap. I wasn’t going to argue with that and let him take it. He must have stayed ahead for a good 20 feet before I filtered past. God knows what these people are thinking!

That sucks mate, hopefully you will be up and riding in no time.

Marly pleased your still in one piece and to some extent the bike.

No how it feels I nearly got run off the road by some tw8t on a Harley this morning…

Not a good start to the day but aleast your alright.

You’re in good company, Casey Stoner is riding with a broken scaphoid at the moment!

At least you know who yours is, mine drove away, the [email protected]@rd.

Ouch. That sounds painful. I think it is a Scaphoid that you’ve fractured as a schyphoid is to do with curvature of the spine, specifically hunch backiness!

Have a quick recovery. I’ve only just got back on mine after a finger incident (!!?) and it is hellishly frustrating to be off the bike simply because you can’t ride with one hand!

Not the best way to start ones day. Hope you get it all sorted.

Reading about all these offs and near misses on the forum really has brought home to me how vulnerable we all are and how quickly and unexpectedly things can happen. Can tend to loose sight of the dangers sometimes.

get well soon mate :slight_smile:

mickywhiz you had any luck chasing the scrote in the van ?

yeah it is mad how quickly things change. spoke to the witness today and he said he saw my bike and as he watched me he saw the guy literally turn and indictae at the same time! I said where was i at this point. he says…NEXT TO HIM!

BTW forgot to tell you all the drivers name was OSAMA. Like OSAMA BIN LADEN! out to take us out!

Glad you’re more or less OK, I see it more snd more these days, [email protected] indicating AS they start the manoeuvre :angry: