Was Capt Slow at the TT recently?

cause after his naked burnout i think he needed to cool down with an 130 Mph ride, NAKED


makes ye wonder why he bothered with a helmet then :w00t:
Must be an interesting feeling, that speed naked.

The funny thing is that i can see him doing something so stupid :stuck_out_tongue: But he would prolly put on some knee and shin armour and maybe some mesh armour :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen a a guy ride a motorbike with no t-shirt on once but for this guy to do that is mad and funny , if he crashed I wonder how long you’d be waiting for a ambulance :hehe:

if he crashed he wouldn’t need an ambulance. He’d need a clean up crew.

He only did 129…pfff

how did you find this footage they promised it would not be put up at least they didlt put up what else i did with bike naked :w00t: