Yesterday morning I went for a ride around Marlow/Henley and some smaller villages just south of Oxford and was sat at a BP having a coffee when 2 bikes pulled in to fill up.

We got chatting about nice day for it etc and they said to be careful because it was a regular route for them and they knew of a few people who has been done for speeding, apparently the cops use unmarked bikes to follow you and record your speed then get a marked car to pull you in further up the road. They said blue VFR’s and a black Busa?

As I said, not sure how true it is because I dont know the lads but thought I would pass it on anyway, maybe one of the boys in blue can confirm it?

I do know we have unmarked bikes, some cbr’s vfr’s dunno bout the busa tho… They arent used for chases etc because they have no warning lights etc… maily used for unmarked work ie watching ppl speed checks etc… dont know too much about the as they are a closed bunch lol. Im trying to find out cause I possibly wana join them one day lol

Surprised I didn’t see you Danny, Mark and I were out on the bikes that way yesterday (funny enough on the black busa :wink: )

I’m regularly around there and have never seen those bikes - Don’t think I want to either :smiley:

Thanks for the info buddy - thats my regular stomping ground so will keep an eye out in future :wink: