Warning Speed Trap ! ! ! ! !


Just thought I’d let you guys know, police having a purge with a Speed Gun Trap

East London up near the city airport

The A1020 Royal Albert Way

It’s the Dual Carriageway that runs parallel to airport runway

Between Gallions Reach Roundabout and goes down towards the Excel Centre

They hide on one of the roundabouts along there, usually on the London bound side in the morning, and the other side later in the day and evening

Been 2 days now, so can only assume they may be there for more days, as they are catching loads of people.

so be careful

I spotted them too :smiley:

Yep, it’s two minutes from my place so I go there often and they’ve been there all summer. A bit pointless place to be checking speed to be honest, I think it might be just because drivers were entering the roundabout too fast and because there’s a big Olympic bus park there’s a lot of traffic across the roundabout which is usually empty

You must live up near me George

I live only a couple of minutes away too, round at Victoria Docks

Yeah I’m just behind the Gallions Roundabout, so 1020 is the fastest way to town for me. But for others who don’t know the area if you’re going down North Woolwich Road (1011) there’s a police station and sometimes they stop people as a part of training and I think they measure speed there too, got me once with one day expired MOT :slight_smile:

Yea I live near the police station up by the ferry, off Pier Parade

Would normally go down East India dock road, but with all the road works and temporary traffic lights its easier to go via the dual carriageway