WARNING Brake/Clutch Levers

A friend of mine had his Clutch lever snap off in his hand, luckly he was just parking up and so was only doing 5mph or so. But as he pulled the clutch lever in just before stopping , it snapped off…still in gear the bike ran into a wall, and toppled over his wife sufferd a broken arm (luckly) .

So if you have got your “new” levers from the States, with 5 point ajustment…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

His wife got a broken arm, how is that lucky??

They were pulling up outside Ben’s place and she was practicing her squealing when it happened !

I’m sorry, couldn’t resist, shouldn’t play with a serious subject

Cheap aftermarket levers have a tendency to do that sort of thing, happened to me a few years ago on a ZX-6R, fortunately it fell apart whilst I was fitting it rather than using it !

Learned my lesson & it’s genuine manufacturers replacement levers only now for me, though I guess the Pazzo / CRG sort of stuff is decent quality stuff if you’re that way inclined.

That`s not good.

Definitely no no option to buy cheap replacement. Good to learn form others mistakes.

That could have been really nasty if it was the brake lever in an emergency situation. Manufacturer should be mentioned in name and shame I think.


When i find out the name from my mate, i will inform you.

I do believe some sort of payout/compensation would be in order from the manufacturer. It really is unbelieveable that they can snap like that. Hope the arm heals quickly.

Lost my brake lever at 120mph a few years ago, didn’t know til I came to apply. Trying to grab a handful of nothing was the scariest thing ever to happen to me on a bike, and I’ve had loads of near misses throughout the years.

All I could do was bang down the box and rear brake as hard as I could. My guardian angel must have been looking after me that day, I skidded/wobbled across a roundabout and ended up against a farm gate. Lucky nothing was coming otherwise I would have been toast.

I wrote to Suzuki to complain but just got a standard fob off letter back.

I have one question, if he was only going five mph, why not just pull the break and stall the engine? ****ter but why did he carry on into the wall?

Because everyone is a genius with hindsight.

Exactly the reason I won’t buy Suzuki something out of a christmas (or other denominational or non denominational celebration) cracker that relates to safety

Hope they get compensated

This friend of mine has at least 30 years of riding experiance (How many have you.??) is a Navy fire fighting instructor and a trained machanic, and if he says he couldnt stop in time… then he bloody well couldnt.

“why not just pull the break and stall the engine” WHAT THE F£CK AREYOU TALKING ABOUT.

Have you ever riden a 1200cc Kawasaki with pillion, full top box and panniers… (no) thought not.

Please feel free to PM me or meet me at the ACE where i can personnally instruct you in the error of your ways.

You win overreaction of the day award. Just out of interest, why does his job have a bearing on anything so far? Do the Nave specifically train people in motorcycling? Let us all know when you go up to the Ace, so we can all avoid it if that’s your attitude. Threats are so 1939 and make you look like a child.

Will be interesting to find out the make. I bought some Baileys & Co levers off Pattern Parts on Ebay. They are with me each time I go on track days in case of a mishap! Don’t want to fit them if they are going to fall apart though. Has anyone else used this make?

I’ve bought cheap levers before and had them break. NEVER again.

I’ve had them actually break while fitting them, not exactly confidence inspiring

So it seems, i have to spell it out for some of you , and Oli .

My point was that this is a man of experiance and knowedge, and Oli , I am not overreacting, we are talking about a serious matter that could have been fatal if it had happend a few minutes earlier.

I thought i would inform the bikers on here of this fault in the levers and possibly safe some life, not to be asked stupid questions like why didnt he break.

and as for your comment “Threats are so 1939 and make you look like a child”, dont try to be high and mighty with me.

Iam tyring to do you a favour.

BTW, the those inlighted bikers the levers are from a firm called Tankpads found on American EBay.