WANTED: Wine boxes for moving house

If anyone has any spare wine boxes, the cardboard ones you get deliveries in, please let me know. Move is in three weeks and I need around a dozen of them!

Hey han, where are you based? I’ve got a couple.

When my girlfriend and I moved earlier this year we just bought some off ebay. They are really cheap and in a flat pack style.

5 Moving Wine Bottle Cardboard Boxes 16.5 x 13 x 13"

TeamMCS - N11 :slight_smile:

me_groovy - Ta!

I have started drinking now. Five boxes in three weeks seems an acceptable challenge!

Race ya!:smiley:

Suggestion: Have a BBQ, invite several of us to start the process;)

I’m not a wine drinker - but I’m pretty sure the cardboard boxes that wine is delivered to our house in looks like this :D:

Would a corkscrew not be more use to you? Loads of bottles will be heavy/pain to pack/worry of breaking? Get 'em drunk!


i can get you some archive boxes if you need them

Sounds healthier for LB livers.:slight_smile:

JS et all… Saturday night, my place. You bring the food I’ll provide the wine and brownies… :smiley: