Wanted... Waterproof bike cover

I know I know no-one will be willing to give up their bike cover but before I buy one, I thought I would ask the question…maybe one of you may have one lying around.

I have a spare Lidl one, I think it cost a tenner or so, it’s yours for the same money if you want it.

(I have two, because I bought one and my wife bought one for me!) :slight_smile:

Thanks, but gonna steer clear of the Lidl one as the cover had melted on the rear caliper… Thanks anyway…

Wow, really? That’s kinda scary, on the exhaust I would understand (but there seems to be a heatproof layer where the exhaust would be), but surely your caliper shouldn’t be giving that level of heat off - the cover shouldn’t reach to touch the caliper! Guess I won’t use it on a hot bike then, thanks for the warning :slight_smile: