Wanted: The energy to go and wash my bike

If anyone has some spare energy knocking around, please can I have it?

Aerosol or tin, I don’t mind either. I just need enough to overcome the going out the front door into the weather.



Afternoon Moley:)

I’ve got some beans you can fill yourself with:cool:

Hmmm…pellet form, I hadn’t considered this… have you used them? Are they OEM?

Yes they are used but i did wash them afterwards;):stuck_out_tongue:


Come on Mole.

Get them beans down ya and wash that bike;)

Have you done your flasher today btw?:w00t:

Yes. I have done the flasher, and I managed to offer a wet rag to el bandito. :slight_smile:
Those beans are a bit windy…is that to blow dry the bike?:w00t::smiley:

Mmmm mole flashing now thats a vision :smiley:

damn need new glasses ya on about indicator !! :slight_smile:

You wanna try the Mexican Jumping Beans next time, thats what the stunters have;)

Get that Bandit cutting some shapes in B&Q car park;):smiley:

Was there any other damage hun?

Nah, just a bent clutch leaver, a few scratches on the rear panel, and a bruised ego, nothing that can’t be fixed :slight_smile: Thanks for your help, and everyone elses help too. :slight_smile:

Not a problem:)

Next time you decide to try stunting you could at least wait for the audience to arrive;):w00t:

:D:DI thought Slarty would be watching but he was looking the other way.
The cage driver saw it though and was so impressed he drove around me to get passed, LOL!!:laugh: