WANTED - Steering Damper 1996 Fireblade

Ok so I have had a steering damper on all my bikes (R1 came as standard from new) and when wheelying it helps with with the controlled landing!!:w00t:

However I had a mahooosive tank slapper the other day whilst coming down in second gear and sh!t the life out of me and i really didnt think i was going to stay upright… but i did!:cool::Whistling:

So I am looking to get one ASAP - Needs to fit CBR900RR-T 1996 or if it is just the damper i’ll buy the harris fitting kit (Ohlins)! Don’t want to spend a huge amount and figured somebody will know someone that has one lying around from when they had a blade or knows someone who is about to sell a blade with one fitted (bit of extra cash from the sale)!

Let me know!

I don’t know anyone personally but I know websites?