Wanted - Spare monitor

Anyone got an old CRT or something laying around they don’t need? Everything is looking a bit blueish at the mo. The red tube in my monitor has gone.

I know my parents have a spare one but it means a 160 mile round trip to Kent to pick it up.

Work have said they might have some going spare, but not just right now…

so that leaves a gap of how long I don’t know. A week, couple of weeks, more

I did have a spare one but I gave it away for free!

Got an ADI mciroscan (17 or maybe 19 inch) in Kingston if you are interested.

Was working fine when I last used it.

Think I have an old 15" Packard Bell monitor lying around. You can have it for free if I can find it

Hey Joe, that would be fandabitastic! I work in Kingston. Drop me a PM with your mobie number and I’ll give you a call to arrange a time to collect it.

Cheers dood!

It works a treat Graeme. Worked first time. Many, many thanks

Its a beaut!

No probs, glad it worked ok .