Wanted - Sidi Vertigo Corsa boots black size 9/43

I wanted to get a pair of Sidi Vertigo Corsa boots, size UK 9, EUR 43 in all black, however I now discover that Sidi stockists no longer sell these as they have been discontinued. The next comparable Sidi boot is the Vortice which is more expensive and more fiddly to get on and off. I’ve had a pair of Sidi Vertebrae Carbon Race boots for the last 7-8yrs and they have been brilliant, good fit, comfortable and have worn well, plus they have the full ankle brace which is why the Corsa’s as a replacement so appealed.

I’m scouring eBay for any that come up, and I may consider a pair of Vertigos if they’re cheap enough. Also, does anyone know if they can be dyed easily? If so I could buy whatever colour I can find and then dye them black?

If anyone has a set of these they no longer need or use, or knows of a dealer who still has some old stock knocking about PM me any details, cheers! :smiley: