wanted retro games

hey people

im after your old games left to collect dust around the house. i want to get my old collection of games back after a break in last year. Ive hunted around ebay and other exchange shops but wanted to know if anyone has some i would be interested in.

Do you need consoles too, or just carts?

just the games ive got all the consoles again.

Hmm, I have some for N64 and SNES, unless someone threw them out… I’ll have a look tomorrow. Wasn’t really hoping to get rid of them without the consoles though.

not PS1 games? I’ve an old PS1 you can have with a handful of games

hmm what games and how much dude?

can’t remember. gimme a fiver for the lot. I’ll bring it next BMM?

sweet ill have that

I have got a fair few games on a snes, but wont sell unless with the console, pm if interested and I will do a list of what is what!

wow…anyone got an N64 with Rouge Squadren or Legand of Zelda?


I’ve got some PS1 games if want them, I’d be glad to think somebody will play them … text me on 07956 902834

got 2 zeldas on n64 but i aint selling :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you evil chicken im playing the games already :slight_smile:

how retro we talking?

i got a hoop and a stick in my garden if ya want it? :smiley:

only kidding… dont gamestation still sell retro games??

Cool - I’ll have a look for the Sould Reaver player’s guide

I’ve got a cupboard full

loads of stuff for snes, n64, pcengine (+ pc engine duo console), ps1

email me at [email protected] and i’ll do a list of what i have and we can haggle :wink:



Email sent fella. People feel free to keep the offers coming

Do you want old home computers too ?