Wanted: new exhaust for Fazer 600

Can someone point me in the right direction for a new stainless steel exhaust for a Fazer 600 R reg. I believe they cost in the region of £300 but any saving will be grateful cos ive just spent £144 in Toys R Us today!!

Cheers in advance…the person who saves me the most money, we get a drink from me!

hey i had a 98 s reg fzs fazer and i fitted a carbon can to mine with a rtemoveable baffle, it was brilliant, stainless steel and cost £110.00 check ebay, thats where i bought mine direct from the ebay shop!!!

I have got a Stainless oval Art can and link pipe for a fazer (it is not road legal) but you can have it if you want, its just sat in my garage collecting dust.

otherwise fleabay always have old fazer cans for sale

Thanks for the advice and also for the offer Rich, we are gonna go for one on Ebay! Cheers xx

good luck and happy hunting!!!

Hey richm, you wouldnt happen to have that Art can lying around still would you? would that be any good for a 2000 fazer? I might take it off your hands if its still collecting dust ;0P crawl crawl